Pancreatitis with ARDS

A patient presents with pancreatitis and develops ARDS with fluid resuscitation, requiring intubation. This case was originally posted on, and is written by Dr. Kyla Caners. The original upload can be found here.

References for the relevant ECG and X rays can be found within the case.

Pancreatitis with ARDSECG (sinus tachycardia)CXR (normal)CXR (ARDS, pre-intubation)CXR (post-intubation)

Hyponatremic seizure

This is a case of an elderly patient presenting with delirium, who seizes in the emergency department. She is found to have hyponatremia, which must be corrected to stop her seizures. This case was written by Dr. Kyla Caners, and originally posted at The original upload can be found here.

References for the ECG and CXR are contained within the case.

Hyponatremic seizure

ECG (NSR)CXR (normal)CXR (post-intubation)

Sotalol toxicity

An elderly patient presenting with falls and delirium is found to have hypotension, bradycardia, and an acute kidney injury, attributable to Sotalol toxicity. The patient is also on dabigatran and has new anemia, concerning for blood loss. This case is written by Dr. Evan Merrick, and the case file contains relevant labs and ECGs.

Sotalol toxicity

Septic arthritis

In this case a patient presents septic, and too confused to provide a history. An appropriate exam, or a good collateral history elicited from his wife, who arrives later in the scenario, reveals his right knee as the obvious source. This case was written by Dr. Iain Arseneau, and is aimed at junior residents. Key learning points in this case include:

  • The importance of a history and physical. This is often omitted or minimized in simulation when learners get focused on the acute resuscitation.
  • Good communication with consultants.
  • Appropriate initial work-up and management of a septic patient.
  • Appropriate empiric antimicrobial coverage for a septic arthritis.

Septic arthritis

ECG (afib)CXR


A patient presents after a syncopal episode and is found to have sinus bradycardia requiring a pacemaker. Case written by Drs. Hailey Hobbs and Babar Haroon.

BradycardiaECG (sinus bradycardia)

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